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Blue Angels roaring over Iowa: 6 Photos

Check out some of the TOP photos from the Blue Angels 2019 demonstration in Iowa.

The US Navy Blue Angels are scheduled to conduct 61 flight demonstrations at 32 locations across the country in 2019 to showcase the pride and professionalism of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps to the American and Canadian public.

One of the tightest formations in the air. Always an amazing sight. But the sound of those EIGHT engines in unison almost beats it.
Solo opposing pass. Perfect timing!

“Glad to Be Here” was a statement of belief that we shared on the Blue Angels team. It was our centerpoint, our purpose larger than self.

John Foley
Lessons in HIGH PERFOrmance from the blue angels
Can feel the heat all the way over here.
HICK… HICK… Pulling some serious Gs
Booking it towards show center.

“Glad to Be Here” was our mind-set. It expressed our joy, our awareness, and our readiness to perform at the highest levels. It was a statement of our love, our commitment, our trust, and our respect for everyone on the Blue Angels team, pilots and support crew alike.

Looking fantastic as always.

The Blue Angels are always an amazing sight to behold. Although they perform most of the same maneuvers each show, the difference in lighting and locale, local crows and flavor, makes each show totally its own unique experience. Davenport, Iowa was no exception!

Check out the Blue Angels 2020 Airshow Schedule, and make sure to attend at least one if you can. Promise it’s worth the trip.