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Monetize the US Military Update YouTube Channel! #TeamYouTube

About a year ago the US Military Update channel on YouTube, devoted entirely to promoting the missions and work of the US Military Servicemembers, was de-monetized by the YouTube Team. Despite our millions of views, tens of thousands of loyal fans, and hundreds of videos, YouTube decided we didn’t deserve any of the revenue from ads shown during our videos. Our appeal earlier this year was also denied.

According to YouTube, our monetization status was denied because our videos are in the public domain and we didn’t add anything original content of educational or other value. The work we put in compiling, editing, and publishing to promote the work of our Military Servicemembers wasn’t enough.

…we removed over 600 videos from the channel, leaving only the previous Top 5 most popular.

In a radical bid for YouTube to allow us to regain Monetized status, we removed over 600 videos from the channel, leaving only the previous Top 5 most popular, and we are in the process of releasing our first set of 10 new videos that hopefully all meet the YouTube ad guidelines.

In the new videos, each one contains at least a couple educational facts included over the video content. Hopefully that’s enough for YouTube.

Please join us in requesting YouTube to #Monetize the US Military Update channel! Send a tweet, or share on of ours – we appreciate more than you can know!

Also, thank you to the YouTube staff working hard to make the platform as great of an experience as possible for the world. We all appreciate your time and efforts!