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Watch BONE Afterburner Takeoffs at Nellis’ Red Flag 2020

Multiple B-1 Lancer “BONE” supersonic bombers deployed to take part in the first 2020 Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB in February.

B-1 at Red Flag 2020

Night operations are included in Red Flag missions, to best simulate realistic air combat scenarios. With the illuminated Las Vegas skyline setting the scene, video of the B-1 takeoffs shows the aircraft silhouetted against Sin City’s night life, each with all four afterburners blaring.

The B-1’s F101 jet engine (of which it has four) pumps out 30,000+ lbf thrust with the afterburner engaged. At full power the BONE generates over 120,000 lbf thrust – which can all be seen in the form of jet wash, billowing out behind the plane and distorting the lights of the city on the other side.

Watch B-1 Takeoffs at Red Flag 2020

View the full video of B-1 BONE night departures from Red Flag 2020 above. While not able to fully capture the awesome power of these aircraft, the video at least offers a decent representation. The US Air Force can employ its B-1 Lancer bombers anytime, anywhere in the world, to deliver targeted strikes or deter adversarial actions against the US.

Red Flag 2020 was yet another opportunity for these Airmen to hone their skills in flying and operating this incredible aircraft.