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Ukrainian Su-27 Jet Blast Air Show Crowd

What Happened?

A Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jet hit an air show crowd with its jet blast at an Air Base in Belgium in Sept. 2019. Ground crews, crowds and fencing all went tumbling. Fortunately no injuries were reported.

The moment the Sukhoi’s jet blast hits the crowd

Watch It Happen

This is a fantastic illustration of the raw power of modern-day fighter jets. It’s easy to imagine the amount of thrust required to maneuver these birds as you’re watching them fly through the sky. But put them in a different context, like on the ground near a crowd or crew, and it really strikes the point home.

Take a look below as this high-performance aircraft makes a memorable impression on the crowd!

What would you do?

If you were in this position, enjoying an air show in great weather, with an up-close view of the Su-27 preparing for its demonstration. As the jet swings around, it comes to a stop. With a sudden WHOOSH, hot jet blast washes all around you, throwing grass and dirt and heat at you. How would you react?

Check out More Views

Fortunately with plenty of people in attendance, there are some great views of this surprising situation!