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Love the Smell of Afterburners in the Morning

Burned jet fuel has a distinct, sweet type of burning smell, and we can’t get enough of it. As far as the five senses, smell is the second to last with which we experience aviation, the final one of course being touch.

F-15 Eagle taxies onto the runway while a Strike Eagle lights up morning.

Usually you’ll hear a jet first, and look up to find it. Then you’ll spot it overhead, and watch as it weave its way through the sky.

An F-15 Eagle (front) and F-15E Strike Eagle pass each other on the taxiway.

When you’re near an airport, you’ll finally have the opportunity of getting to that third sense, smell. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll catch some F-15s taking off, afterburners ablaze behind them, and the breeze will usher the invisible exhaust cloud straight to your nostrils.

Now THAT’S a good way to wake up in the morning.